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I met Kerry Clasby back when she was doing the Bet on the Farm Farmers Market down in the Warehouse south of the city.  She was always a smiling presence with her garden hat on, making you feel like you were standing in the sunshine, even though you were in a warehouse lit with fluorescent lighting, escaping the blistering heat of a Vegas summer.

I mourned when the market shut down briefly and was thrilled beyond belief when it found it’s new home at the Springs Preserve.  I got to know her there chatting  when I visited.  She was always eager to show me something new that she had and share advice on healthy products.  I was very excited when she told me that she was opening another market on Fridays downtown.  This market would be all organic from small farmers and the space downtown is beautiful with sunlight streaming through the windows.

It’s a joy to watch her, calmly greeting customers and making everyone feel at home and special.  Calm as she is, she is efficiently managing her staff checking on produce and greeting all at once.  It’s a beautiful Zen flow in action.

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The produce she brings in is more than your average fare.  You will find fresh raspberries, blackberries, butter lettuce, peppers, herbs, mushrooms, kale, chard, Burrata Cheese…but then you will find the potatoes and find that you must decide between purple majesty, German butterball, mountain rose, russet, pee wee, and Lorette and that’s not even getting into the yams!  She forages all over California bringing in amazing products for the best chef’s in Las Vegas and her farmers market allows the rest of us access to this amazing stuff.  I have a fantastic sea smoke salt that she brought in that I am almost out of!  The family business she was getting this from is no longer in business, but…she tells me she knows of another vendor…  Truly she can find anything and the best part is that the things she is drawn to are so amazing!   I will admit that I have still not tackled the dragon fruit that she often brings in.

She is happy to share the stories of the farms and farmers that she sources from.  The Burrata I mentioned…?  She picks it up from an Italian family that gets fresh buffalo milk and makes the burrata (buffalo mozzarella) fresh for her to pick up on her way to Vegas.  You really can’t find fresher cheese than this.

And again, much of it comes back to the atmosphere she creates.  Everything is beautifully displayed and labeled. I have trouble not wanting to buy at least one of everything.  You can’t help but feel good shopping here.  I have been known in the past to come home and arrange my bounty on the table for a photo to post on Facebook.  When I shop here I feel like I have had a spa day.  This is “me time” as I soak in the amazing colors and textures.  Then I go home and am inspired to create in the kitchen, finding new recipes and making beautiful food that is really good for me.

So, do something good for you and treat yourself to a visit to one of the markets where Kerry can be found.

Bet on the Farm

Downtown 3rd Farmers Market

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